Thursday, May 15, 2014

The MS Optical 28mm Perar f/4 Super-Triplet

Such a fun little Leica M-mount lens! Here's just a few quick shots from around the house and yard taken with this minuscule marvel on the Leica M240 camera. Even wide open at f/4 this is stunning for color and clarity!

The (extreme) corners are a bit mush but, hey, it's to be expected with a triplet like this. It's actually *very* well corrected for a three-element lens!

Amazed at the build quality as well as the image quality! Lenses with few elements like this have such an unusual "draw" to them...very "liquid" with lots of vibrant color. I'll be using this one quite a bit I think.

One thing to note, on the Leica M240, there was little-to-none of the weird "Italian flag" color shift you sometimes see from third-party wide-angle lenses, making this eminently usable on the M!

The below pictures are all shot at f/4 except the last one which is at f/8. These are all shot with available light. Please click to enlarge them:

This is Mr Sadayasu Miyazaki, head of MS Optical R&D. I can't say enough regarding my respect for this man!

He is the designer, creator and manufacturer of these stunning little MS Optical lenses. It's amazing to see such quality and quirky innovation coming from such a small operation for such limited runs of lenses.

I got my copy of this fabulous lens from Japan Camera Hunter, a great photography blog and resource!

I previously wrote about the MS Optical 35mm Perar triplet here.

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amro said...

What great photos from such a tiny lens - I am very impressed. Does it need a lens shade or is it not prone to flare?