Sunday, April 12, 2009

Subterranean Bathers

Fast on the heels of Luna, my new song Subterranean Bathers is about how Lovecraftian fishpeople have secretly moved into the suburbs...or something like that. ;)

Subterranean bathers  by  Carbon111

"Chewing gum and twist-ties
Are binding me together
It's just a kind of glue
To help me past the weather

You're so bright and August
I'm so Spring and undivided though the Universe provided just the merest glimpse of you

We are
Subterranean Bathers
We are
The best of all neighbors
We never come up for air
You won't even know we're there
Keepers of light in the dark - I've lost my mind
...But found this spark"

The Nozzle

Please do not be alarmed.

We are about to engage...the nozzle.

Please do not move while the nozzle is engaging.

Moving will disrupt calibration of...the nozzle.

Please wait while we calibrate...the nozzle.

Please do not look away from...the nozzle.

The nozzle is now calibrating.

The nozzle is still calibrating.

The nozzle has completed calibration.

Thank you.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Texture is a 108-page fine art photography book I just published through the online publisher Blurb. This portfolio is a large assemblage of photos of both natural and man-made objects and environs, each with an inherent and pronounced visual texture. From the eyelash of a deer to sulphur-encrusted stones, this collection really runs the gamut. :)

The book is available for purchase online and the first fifteen pages can be browsed through at
their site.