Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brewing an Ale - Easier than you may think...

Brewday begins with me finding my "helper" a spot where she won't be underfoot. As long as she can see what I'm up to and has a comfortable place to sit, she's happy:

Next, I lay out the ingredients I'm going to need for my recipe. Five pounds of dry malt extract, a pound of medium-kilned Crystal grain, a few ounces of hop pellets for the different timed additions and, in this particular case, some honey:

The grains are put in a muslin sack and steeped. They get removed when the temp hits 160:

Once things come to a boil, the malt extract and honey are added along with the first dose of hop pellets. The "wort" as it is called will now boil for an hour with further hop additions at 30 minutes and 45 minutes:

Ten minutes before the end of the boil, the wort chiller is added to the boil to sterilize it. The chiller is a big coil of copper tubing that I will run cold tap water through to cool the wort down to a temperature cool enough for the yeast to do their thing:

Once cooled, the wort is poured into the fermenter, live yeast is added, the fermenter is sealed and an airlock is added to allow C02 to escape without letting bacteria in:

In a few weeks, fermentation will be complete and this will be ready to bottle. Stay tuned. ^_^