Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Leica X2

I had been looking for a fun/elegant/simple camera for when I didn't feel the love of lugging my large and heavy DSLR kit around. The decision finally came down to a choice between the Leica X2 and the Fuji X100. I chose the X2 for the color balance, image sharpness and overall quality build...I wasn't really convinced by the X100.

A fixed lens combined with simple, elegant aperture and shutter speed controls make for an engaging and compelling connection with the photo-making process reminiscent of a 35mm film camera.

Having used it for almost a week now, I'm honestly blown away by the quality of the experience...and the pictures! The images require almost no post-processing at all. Gorgeous right out of the camera!

Please click on the images for larger views:


arose4yu said...

Found you on Steve Huff's page...excellent pics! I'm thinking of getting the X2 myself and I'm starting to lean towards it now.

Carbon111 said...


The X100 was in tight competition but I could only choose one. I really liked the simplicity of the X2, it helps me not get too distracted and just get on with taking pictures. It's a gorgeous piece of industrial design as well. ;)