Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hi there!

Some background on me and my view of the universe:

The scientific method is how we discover the truth - it has nothing to do with politics. This is why we have things like double-blind testing, control groups and peer review to remove expectations and opinion from the process. It's not perfect but its the only tool in the drawer and, thankfully, it's self-correcting.

Politics is another can of worms entirely and I'm not going fishing any time soon so I can do without the worms for now. That said, I'm a centrist politically and a pragmatist when it comes to fiscal issues. So get off my lawn or I'll turn the hose on you. ;)

Conspiracy theories are even more wormy - the more extreme your claim, the more powerful and ubiquitous your proof needs to be. Most conspiracies suffer from more than a modicum of confirmation bias or are obvious attempts at directing people's attention elsewhere.

My background is biology and geology as well as information technology though I've been an amateur astronomer all my life. I did crazy things in college and have photographed, drawn and painted thousands of pictures.

Glad to buy anyone a beer and talk about anything but am not interested in an argument...unless it's the 5-minute-Monty-Python variety. ^_^


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